Learning Snapchat: Search Terms, Features, & Qualities Companies Should Be Aware Of

Learning Snapchat: Search Terms, Features, & Qualities Companies Should Be Aware Of

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A Thorough Snapchat Glossary: Terms, Definitions, & Examples

When it comes to uninitiated, navigating Snapchat’s content-first software (the software starts instantly to a video screen with little to no direction on how to continue), functionality, and features could be a process that is intimidating. But although some marketers may balk at learning an innovative new collection of language terms (what exactly is a “Snap,” anyhow?) and mastering just one more social media marketing platform, Snapchat’s record-breaking growth—the app’s active individual base has grown 30% within the previous 12 months, based on Re/Code, plus the quantity of videos that users eat has jumped 400% in that exact same period—has made advertising on Snapchat a must for brands trying to target the app’s 130 million day-to-day active users.

To simply help both snapchat that is individual and CMOs comprehend the functions and popular top features of this year’s hottest app, we’ve compiled a comprehensive set of the most significant Snapchat terms, definitions, and examples. To learn more about just just just how brands are utilizing Snapchat to achieve and engage teens and audiences that are millennial consult our range of resources below:

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Snapchat terms that are glossary

Snapchat’s innovative approach to social networking has yielded a quantity of unique terms and functionality much unlike individuals with which Twitter and Instagram users could be familiar. To assist users get the maximum benefit from their Snapchat records and brands launch the top Snapchat marketing promotions, novice Snapchatters should first familiarize by themselves with your easy Snapchat glossary:

Auto-Advance Stories

Snapchat’s means of automating Snapchat Story-watching by connecting all tales together and playing them as one reel. Users not any longer need certainly to click every story that is individual wish to view. To skip a particular snapchatter’s story, merely tap the display. To end viewing the Auto-Advance Stories, swipe down on the display screen.

Talk 1.0

Chat 1.0 permits users to keep in touch with buddies and supporters through text along with delivering private “Snaps” (i.e. pictures and videos). Whenever viewing a whole story, swipe up to talk about this Snap; when getting a Snap, swipe straight to begin communicating with the writer associated with the Snap. A talk 1.0 conversation could be initiated by double-tapping on a name that is friend’s.

Talk 2.0

Chat 2.0 is an updated form of Chat 1.0 on Snapchat. In addition to all or any the capabilities regarding the previous guam chat room without registration iteration, friends is now able to phone one another, link through video clip talk, or deliver a sound note.


Discover is just an area made for brands and writers to develop Snapchat tales for the app’s large audiences. On Discover, users will get content that is branded by Vice, Cosmopolitan, regular Mail, ESPN, Tastemade, CNN, Buzzfeed, and much more. To gain access to Discover, click on an icon that is branded slip through the articles, and swipe up to see more details about a certain Snap, tale, or brand name.

Buddy Emojis

Snapchat’s friend emojis represent how usually one sends a Snap to some other individual. An emoji that appears like an hourglass, as an example, ensures that a user’s “Snapstreak” (for example. how frequently they keep in touch with that particular individual via Snapchat) is mostly about to finish, and a birthday cake emoji seems when it is a user’s birthday celebration. For a list that is comprehensive of each friend emoji means, head to Settings > Manage > Friend Emojis.


Filters are improvements that users can choose to enhance their Snaps. To incorporate a filter, just snap an image or a video clip then swipe left to see just what filters can be obtained.


One of the more revolutionary and popular features on Snapchat, lenses incorporate with an user’s face to produce entertaining animations and overlays that enhance a user’s Snaps. To trigger the contacts, press and hang on the face in a snap and proceed with the guidelines (such as for instance “open mouth”). Various contacts are released each day, and several brands reach millions by developing custom lenses that are branded.

Observe how Taco Bell’s “giant taco” lens shattered the record held by Gatorade here.

A great solution to see what’s occurring all over the world from the stranger’s standpoint, reside is basically a Snapchat tale of a location with a Snapchatter as a trip guide.

On-Demand Geofilters

Like filters, Geofilters decorate a user’s Snaps. Unlike regular filters, but, Geofilters are particular to a user’s location or a meeting they have been going to and certainly will be employed to create engagement and encourage Snapchat users to share with you friends and followers to their experiences. On-Demand Geofilters could even be created and purchased by people or smaller organizations and only be available when a Snapchat individual enters a certain geo-location.

One-Handed Zoom

To zoom in while “Snapping” (in other terms. using a snap that is snapchat, users may slide their hand down and up to their smartphone display screen.

Our Campus Tale

Pupils, educators, and folks visiting participating university campuses can access university-branded Geofilters to enhance their Snapchat Stories. When a college Geofilter happens to be accessed, that Snap is added towards the college’s Campus [Snapchat] tale aswell. Our Campus tale happens to be offered at UCLA, USC, Penn State, therefore the Univeristy of Texas.

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